Macuria Montolanez, during the 1970's living and working in New York and establishing herself as a professional artist in SoHo. She traveled throughout Europe and the Mediterranean and became involved with theater and the film festivals in Cannes and Athens designing backdrops and stage sets. The 1980’s Macuria aka Merc became involved in Art and Public Relations for Independent Foreign Motion Picture Films in New York and Los Angeles as well as the Office of Cultural and Historic Affairs in Hackensack, New Jersey.  Merc has exhibited her work internationally with special attention to New York City at Kamikaze, the Mudd Club and East of Eden. She has also exhibited in Paris and at Electra in Athens, and the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art.



2014 Holton Arts, Palm Beach 

2007 Abbaye Auberive, France

2006 Abbaye Auberive, France

           Skot Foreman.  Arizona.

2005 Abbaye Auberive, France

           Skot Forman. Texas.

2004 New World Art, Art Basel. Miami, Florida

           Abbaye Auberive, France

           Skot Foreman. Palm Springs, Florida

2003 Skot Forman. Canada

           Skot Foreman Fine Arts. Atlanta, Georgia

           Niomi Silvin Gallery. Atlanta, Georgia

           Wallman Gallery. South Hampton, New York

2002 Damlan B Art Center, Miami, Florida   

2001 Texas International Art Fair. Skot Foreman. Dallas, Texas

          Toronto International Art Fair. Skot Foreman. Toronto, Canada

          Town & Country Art Fair. Skot Foreman. West Palm Beach, Florida

1999 Skot Foreman Fine Art.

1994 Prisunic Gallery. Paris, France

1992 Prisunic Gallery. New York, New York

1988 Deja Vu Cafe. Burlington, Vermont

1984 East of Eden. New York, New York

1983 Mudd Club. New York, New York

1980 Kamikaze. New York, New York

1974 Dartmouth College. Hanover, New Hampshire

1962 Academy of Fine Arts. Philadelphia, PA

1961 Academy of Fine Arts. Philadelphia, PA

1960 Academy of Fine Arts. Philadelphia, PA


2004 Art Miami. Miami, Florida

2003 Art Miami, Miami, Florida

2002 Museum of Art. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

           Art Miami. Skot Foreman Fine Art. Miami, Florida