Prajje 1983 cordially invites you to attend RUNWAY STORM on December 10, 7PM, Merc Studios 299 NW 36th Street Miami, FL 33127 Miami, Florida. RUNWAY STORM was organized by Prajje Jr. Jean-Baptiste to benefit Flying High For Haiti, a non-profit organization focused on children’s education and art, whose principal mission is to fund Ecole du Village in Ile-à-Vache, Haiti.

Students and teachers were deeply affected by the devastation brought about by hurricane Matthew. Proceeds from the show will help alleviate the suffering and rebuild the lives of members of the Ecole du Village community in Ile a Vache.

RUNWAY STORM will feature international designer Prajje 1983 and his show,  performances by Jude Papaloko, Loray Mistik, photographs from the hurricane zone in Haiti by Jason Henry,and an exclusive cocktail reception  by The Met Kitchen.

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